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About TECU

What does TECU have to offer?


TECU provides high dividends to members and affordable interest rates on loans.

We operate in a Member service driven environment. Our hard-working and dedicated staff is always willing to efficiently provide the necessary information that will benefit our members. 

So come talk to us about your financial concerns and needs. Come and discuss ways that TECU could add wealth to your lives. Come join the TECU Family now !

We welcome you with open and secure arms.

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About Us...


TECU Credit Union has been in existence for over 60 Years, priding itself through continuous growth and financial stability. We provide financial services tailored to the needs of our members, while socially developing our community and by extension our Nation.

Geographically located within the Industrial Capital of Trinidad and Tobago, our offices are in close proximity to the major industrial and commercial areas such as Pointe-a-Pierre, Point Lisas and Point Fortin. With over thirty-six thousand (36,000) satisfied members, TECU is a leader in the Credit Union Movement within the Caribbean region.




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